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  • 13 Jan, 2016
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Muscle Shake

By, Robbie E. Here’s the recipe for my favorite Muscle Shake!!   INGREDIENTS: Water 1 Banana 1 Peanut Butter Muscle Sandwich 5 Strawberries 1 cup Ice 1 scoop chocolate protein powder   DIRECTIONS: Mix all ingredients in blender for 2-3  min or until desired consistency.   It’s simple and doesn’t get much better tasting than this! I actually crave this muscle shake when I just think about it, like RIGHT now! The Muscle Sandwiches are the secret ingredient to making it taste so great!!!!!!

  • 3 Dec, 2013
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The Ultimate Muscle Bulking Recipe For the Holiday Season

By, Justin Purcell With Thanksgiving behind us we have Christmas upon us, and while most of the country is in the “Bulking Season” primarily because nobody wants to diet hard during the holidays we are always trying to balance a healthy lifestyle while still remaining cheery! I’ve developed a recipe that allows you to indulge with your friend and family while allowing your body to remain on track for your goals. Clean bulking is much more beneficial than just eating pie, and fruit cake. So here is what you do, and nobody will know the wiser when they try this delicious dessert. Ingredients 6 1/2 ounces chocolate graham cracker wafers […]