The Muscle Sandwich®




The only candy bar with benefits of its kind on the market. Satisfy more than just your sweet tooth with the original Muscle Sandwich protein candy bar, the only protein candy bar that SANDWICHES a mouth watering mound of 100% REAL PEANUT BUTTER between two crispy golden graham crackers, and then drenches that all in a layer of creamy chocolatey coating, packing 14 grams of protein in along the way! There’s not a single person who can’t enjoy a Muscle Sandwich protein candy bar–whether you’re a busy mom shuttling her kids off to football practice who wants to make sure her kids get the protein fix they need, to a guy or gal in the middle of their latest winter bulk looking to get stronger than ever before. Each and every individual delectable Muscle Sandwich is always handmade with love and care right out of our factory in Pennsylvania, USA. No other candy bar will provide you with this wholesome, feel-good, satisfying, homemade taste. At Muscle Sandwich, we’ll always cut the crusts off for you.