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“I have had both the original (chocolate) and vanilla. They are both delicious but the original wins by a slight hunch. Taste is absolutely great. I enjoy a bar with a cup of skim milk. This bar is definitely a great choice for those who are on a bulk. Those seeking a low carb or lower calorie bar, there are much better options than Muscle Sandwiches. I eat one everyday and never get tired of it. Highly recommended.” – BODYBUILDING.COM USER – jtteg_X


“We sale these at the gym i work at, I eat at least 3 a week. there taste is a good as it gets with out having snickers on the label. They are delicious. My only down side is the carbs, and the fact they use high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar. Over all great for post or pre-work out! or just some what healthier sugar fix. If you aren’t cutting, you wont regret.” – BODYBUILDING.COM USER – CRAIG BARBARIN


“These protein treats are absolutely delicious! I can fit them into my diet by eating them post workout and using the natural sugars in the bars to spike my insulin levels for muscle building. Did I mention they taste AMAZING!!!!!” – BODYBUILDING.COM USER – RACHEL MICHELE


“These are awesome! I use them for a go to snack to hit my sweet tooth. Taste is great and beats out the other “bars” out there!” – BODYBUILDING.COM USER – ALEKSANDAR DJORDJEVIC


“These are hard to find in many vitamin shoppes or GNCs.. even online sometimes back order. but when i get a stash of these. i love them.” – BODYBUILDING.COM USER – ernestopx