By, Justin Purcell

They call these delicious protein snacks Muscle Sandwiches, but I truly believe that they should be called Miracle Sandwiches. Anytime I’m in a pinch, running late, feeling tired or weak, this Miracle Sandwich revives me in a way that only dreams can describe. I’ve had my best lifts, best comeback workouts, and best examples of overall dominance from having this product prior to my activity!

Prior to every major training day I will have one Muscle Sandwich 30 minutes prior to my workout, and then immediately after. So for Deadlift, Squat, Shoulders, and Strongman Events I have two of these Muscle Sandwiches. The floor boards of my car can attest to my consumption. I generally consume them on the way to the gym, and immediately after. I wish my car had a Muscle Sandwich dispenser. Heads up to any major car manufacturer, this will be a selling point to your new models. With my competition season starting I’m stocking up on my Miracle Sandwiches and I’m getting ready to be stronger, bigger, and better in 2014. New records, new challenges, new achievements.

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