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  • 19 Dec, 2013
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Top Seven Supplements Everyone Needs

By, Justin Purcell With over a hundred thousand different supplements available to choose from it can be utterly confusing when trying to set up a goal and a game plan. I’ve always believed that keeping supplements simple and clean is the best way to assist your body in being more efficient regardless of your goal. With Christmas a week away we can get some amazing gifts for our loved ones to help their New Year’s Resolution goals. So let’s do a basic breakdown of 7 supplements that we all can use and benefit from through any walk of life. Multi-Vitamins: Not all are created equal, and generally the discounted options […]

  • 2 Dec, 2013
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Women in Sports

By, Justin Purcell Women have become more and more dominant in so many different sports! The level of competition that we see is sometimes borderline insane. The tenacity that these women train and compete at is nothing less than remarkable. It definitely makes you take a step back to observe them, and it makes you wonder if the female sex has surpassed the men in the world of sports. Mainstream media is definitely dominated by the male sex, but will that start to level out in the next 10-15 years? In my years of competing across 4 different sports I’ve been privileged to meet and train with a number of […]

  • 9 Nov, 2013
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Muscle Sandwich 411

By, Justin Purcell   THE CLAIM: A protein powdered treat! With 290 calories, 24 carbs, and 13g of protein the labeling is totally accurate. A protein snack, meal replacement, something intended to keep you going throughout the day. Don’t let the label or the candy-bar-like scrumptiousness mislead you. Muscle Sandwich is an Athlete’s and Active person’s savior. We need calories and carbs to fuel our crazy lifestyles, and while whole food is essential sometimes we need to introduce additional nutrients to take us to the next level. Muscle Sandwiches pack a fortifying energy punch to get you through a grueling workout or simply just a long day. EFFECTIVENESS: With the filling […]