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Muscle Miracle
  • 6 Feb, 2014
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Muscle Miracle

By, Justin Purcell They call these delicious protein snacks Muscle Sandwiches, but I truly believe that they should be called Miracle Sandwiches. Anytime I’m in a pinch, running late, feeling tired or weak, this Miracle Sandwich revives me in a way that only dreams can describe. I’ve had my best lifts, best comeback workouts, and best examples of overall dominance from having this product prior to my activity! Prior to every major training day I will have one Muscle Sandwich 30 minutes prior to my workout, and then immediately after. So for Deadlift, Squat, Shoulders, and Strongman Events I have two of these Muscle Sandwiches. The floor boards of my […]

  • 21 Jan, 2014
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New Year, New Meal Plan

By, Justin Purcell The New Year is filled with resolutions by millions, and many are to lose weight or to get back into the gym. The pools season is 6 months away, and everyone wants to look good in swimwear. If you find yourself in the group that wants to get back in the gym, stay on track, put on some mass to turn heads in the summer then this competition style strongman/bodybuilding diet will add lean mass to your body while sculpting new lines across your physique. Now diet truly depends on where you’re presently at. A diet designed for someone who is 150lbs will differ greatly to someone […]

  • 15 Jan, 2014
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Off season VS On Season Dieting

By, Mike Skokic Off season for me is a time to grow as much as possible as I manny trying to keep moving up in weight and weight classes.  My last show I hit the stage at 212lbs and have to keep pushing my body to grow closer to my ideal goal of 240-250 in stage. My off season diet is very laced per say compared to most people as I follow a Marco protocol and only concern myself with my numbers. Off season for me is a constant progress and change as my body adapts and grow with my numbers. I started my off season in the range of […]