About Muscle Sandwich®

Who should have Muscle Sandwich® bars? Muscle Sandwich® bars were designed for anyone looking to satisfy their candy bar craving while getting in a good source of quality protein. Whether you’re a bodybuilder looking to put on muscle, a powerlifter needing the extra protein and calories during training, someone looking to add calories conveniently into their diet, someone on a budget or someone treating themselves to a tasty protein snack. Muscle Sandwich® bars will give you exactly what you need to be successful in any of your goals.

Muscle Sandwich® protein bars come in three different flavors to fit your mood. From the Original Peanut Butter to the Vanilla and the all NEW Honey Banana flavor. Each Muscle Sandwich® bar contain 13 grams of quality protein and is a natural source of EFA’s. Muscle Sandwich® is made with 100% real peanut butter and low glycemic graham crackers.

A great tasting protein at a VERY affordable price. Why not?!